Unboxing A.C.Lloyd Homes’ Gratitude:

Brandboxes Leather Folder and Presentation Key Box


A.C.Lloyd Homes, a renowned home builder in Warwickshire, has taken the customer journey to the next level by offering bespoke-made Brandboxes to showcase their gratitude towards their customers.

The Brandboxes consist of two stages – a leather folder and a presentation key box. The first stage of the Brandboxes is a sleek leather folder that holds a wealth of information about the newly purchased home. The second stage is a presentation key box that comes with six keys, key tags, a key holder, and trolley tokens.

The key box is equipped with laser-cut foam that provides a soft close magnetic box to securely hold the items. The Brandboxes not only reflect the brand’s quality and attention to detail, but also show their commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience.

Unboxing the Brandboxes is not just a gesture of appreciation, but also an opportunity for customers to see and feel the care and craftsmanship that went into creating these bespoke items. A.C.Lloyd Homes’ Brandboxes are a true reflection of their commitment to customer satisfaction and their dedication to providing an exceptional customer journey.


Three board grey laminated box with silver foil blocked A.C.Lloyd logo.


Grey printed lining paper.

Lift out laser cut foam presentation layer containing:

  • Bespoke designed 3mm laser cut stainless steel ‘A.C.Lloyd roof shaped icon’ key fob wall holder
  • Six named 1.5mm stainless steel hand crafted key tags soft enamel filled in corporate purple colour
  • Relevant keys attached to key rings recessed in cavity below the key fobs.


  • Two house shaped trolley key rings
  • Allen key and screw fixings for affixing roof shaped key fob wall holder
  • Initial space provided under foam to store excess documents/correspondence.

Inner capacity: home owner retains grey vivella presentation folder in the box with ‘A.C.Lloyd roof shaped icon’ key fob wall holder mounted on wall containing the key fobs and relevant keys.


The prices shown below includes a design and project management fee and are indicative of this particular project at the time it was implemented. Please make an enquiry if you would like something similar. Pricing and availability subject to change.

100 off A.C. Lloyd Homes A4 Vivella Folder with 12 Tabbed Dividers and Branded Plastic Pockets at £95.20 per folder

100 off A.C.Lloyd Homes Three Board Grey Laminated Box With Contents at £115.85 per box

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of the Brandbox design