Enhance Employee Onboarding With Personalised Welcome Packs

Crafting the perfect employee onboarding pack is quite the challenge, especially these days with remote onboarding – it’s not as easy to all pop out for lunch!

The essence is to make your new employee feel like part of the team, and give them a great first impression, so they’ll want to stay with you forever!

We specialise in working with you to create personalised welcome experiences for your new team members. These are designed to make every new team member feel valued and welcome from day one, whilst also conveying your brand ethos at the same time.

Tailored Onboarding Packages

Our approach to employee onboarding goes beyond the ordinary. We work closely with your team to understand your company values and approach, allowing us to craft custom built welcome packs that truly resonate with your brand identity.


Want To Create A Memorable Impression For Your Employees?

With any new starter it’s easy for key information to get lost in the sea of emails or website links. Our brand boxes will help you create a memorable impression, so that they’ll always know where to find the right information.

How We Build Your Employee Onboarding Boxes

Our expert team will work with you closely throughout the whole process of creating your employee on-boarding gifts, from understanding your objective and your brand values, to mocking up design options for you to approve.

Once agreed, we’ll move into production where our team will hand make your welcome packs, ensuring exceptional quality control at every stage.

We can design your box to hold whatever you want to fit inside it, ensuring that everything is snugly fitted so it provides an unforgettable experience on opening. And if you’re not sure what to put inside – our team has years of experience and can suggest, and source, a range of quality items for your perfect onboarding kit.

Your Vision, Our Expertise

We believe in the power of collaboration. Let’s work together to design custom made welcome packs that leave a lasting impact on your employees.

View Our Branded Boxes

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Frequently Asked Questions

We all know there’s nothing better than a warm welcome, and this is no different when you start at a new company. We all want to feel valued and wanted, and with branded welcome packs you’ll create a seamless employee onboarding process.

When a new employee starts with a company, you want to ensure that they are brought onboard as comfortably and efficiently as possible, providing a welcoming experience. Often this consists of a series of welcome emails, or a team lunch, but as we all know emails can be overwhelming and are easy to delete, which is why it’s important to make your onboarding processes stand out and be memorable with our custom brand boxes.

Ultimately that’s up to you. You know your business and the important things you want to convey. Where we’ll help is to work with you to ensure that any items are packaged snugly and delivered to arrive perfectly for an amazing unboxing. We’ll also bring ideas to the table, from our 30+ years of experience, for the little extras or surprises that you can include to make the onboarding memorable.

With the increase in remote working and online communications there is nothing better than a memorable, physical and tangible item to create a perfect “welcome to the team” for your new starters. We’ll work with you to create something they’ll never forget.