Drive Brand Recognition with Branded Event Gifts

Explore a world of memorable experiences with Moo Design as your ‘go-to partner’ for creating and delivering branded client gifts that leave a lasting impression at global sporting events, product launches, or corporate events like golf days or thrilling race days.

Transform your event or product launch into an unparalleled experience with the perfect accompaniment that makes a real impact.

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Looking For Unforgettable Gifts For All Your Events?

Whether you’re looking for a charity or corporate event gift idea, our bespoke brand boxes will add a touch of sophistication and thoughtfulness to your event.

With over 20 years experience in designing the perfect solutions for our clients, our creative team will work with you to craft an event gift that elevates your brand presence. Ideal for:

We understand the importance of creating branded gifts that resonate with your audience. Whether it’s a sporting or charity event, a golfing day, a product launch or a virtual conference, our solutions are meticulously crafted to enhance your brand’s visibility and leave that lasting impression.

We all remember those moments that are a level above the rest, and we talk about them with admiration and authority. That perfect unboxing experience, the added extra gift at an event – the moments that make us smile, that make us feel respected and valued – these are the moments that are ever-lasting in our memories.

How We Build Your Bespoke Boxes

Our expert team will work with you closely throughout the whole process of creating your corporate event gifts, from understanding your objective and your brand values, to mocking up design options for you to approve.

Once agreed, we’ll move into production where our team will hand make your event gift, ensuring exceptional quality control at every stage.

We can design your box to hold whatever you want to fit inside it. Ensuring that everything is snugly fitted so it provides an unforgettable experience on opening. And if you’re not sure what to put inside – our team has years of experience and can suggest, and source, a range of quality items for your perfect gift.

View Our Branded Boxes

Porsche Event Day Gift Box – Wine and Key Presentation Box

Corinthian Sports Monaco Grand Prix Event Day Gift Box

Corinthian Sports Autumn Internationals Ticket Presentation Box

Throgmorton Associates Wealth Management Golf Day Presentation Box

Pergola Drinks Duo Bottle Presentation Box

Corinthian Guinness Six Nations Corporate Ticket Presentation Box

Frequently Asked Questions

Bespoke brand boxes can provide immeasurable benefits for your business. By investing in high-quality packaging, you are saying to your clients and partners that you value their relationship with you, ultimately increasing their customer experience, reinforcing the customer journey and building your brand awareness exponentially.

We’ve been creating luxury packaging since 2001, so for over 20 years we’ve worked with our clients to identify pain points with their existing customer journey, and provide packaging solutions that truly elevate their brand.

When building your bespoke branded box there are many options and ways to make and ultimately dispose of your box, whether that be 100% recyclable and made from 100% sustainably resourced materials to something that has none of those credentials. Either way we can produce your box to look stunning and fit for purpose. We will prompt you in our initial meeting to ensure that we discuss your ‘build’ criteria whether that be with recyclability and sustainability in mind or not.