Brandboxes’ Bespoke F1 Monaco Grand Prix Ticket Presentation Box:

A Luxurious Keepsake for Sports Enthusiasts



Corinthian Sports, a leading corporate hospitality company that specializes in taking clients to iconic sporting events around the globe, has partnered with Brandboxes to create a bespoke ticket presentation box for the F1 Monaco Grand Prix.

The corrugated cardboard box was printed in full colour and featured a variety of items: a ticket presentation wallet, hand wash, sunglasses, hip flask, body wash, USB branded leads, and earbuds, all carefully selected to enhance the client’s experience.

The ticket presentation box is a luxurious keepsake that reflects the high standards of Corinthian Sports and the importance of creating bespoke solutions to meet specific business needs. The box is not only functional but also visually stunning, showcasing the power of branding and attention to detail.

Brandboxes’ ability to source brandable items and create bespoke handmade boxes for any occasion is evident in this partnership. The box was supplied flat and cut to shape, allowing clients to fill it themselves with items of their choice.

The partnership between Corinthian Sports and Brandboxes is a testament to the power of collaboration and the importance of providing bespoke solutions that meet specific business needs. The luxurious ticket presentation box is a true reflection of the companies’ commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and innovative solutions.


The prices shown below includes a design and project management fee and are indicative of this particular project at the time it was implemented.

Please make an enquiry if you would like something similar. Pricing and availability subject to change.

102 off Corinthian Sports F1 Monaco Grand Prix Double Gift Box (Box only) at £21.75 per box

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