Brandboxes’ Innovative Solution for A.C.Lloyd Homes:

A Luxurious and Grateful Customer Journey Experience


In 2018, A.C.Lloyd Homes was looking for a solution to their customer journey and turned to Brandboxes for help. The result was a bespoke leather folder and presentation key box, designed to show gratitude to those making large purchases when buying houses from A.C.Lloyd.

The leather folder and presentation key box were not only visually stunning, but also functional, providing a secure and convenient way to store important information and keys.

The folder contained a wealth of information about the home, while the presentation key box included six keys, key tags, a key holder, and trolley tokens, all held securely in place with laser-cut foam and a soft-close magnetic box.

The essence behind the solution was to provide a luxurious and grateful customer journey experience, reflecting the high standards of A.C.Lloyd Homes and their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Brandboxes’ ability to create bespoke solutions to meet specific business needs is evident in their partnership with A.C.Lloyd Homes. The leather folder and presentation key box are a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and innovative solutions.