Moo Design Launches New Entity:

Three Different Types of Boxes to Take Potential Customers on a Journey


Moo Design has launched a new entity, offering three different types of boxes to excite and energise clients’ customers whilst on the customer journey with them. The boxes are designed to showcase the client’s commitment to their customers, providing them with a luxurious and sophisticated experience.

The first box is a paper over board box with an etched metal plate on the front, featuring two areas for business cards, a notepad, an engraved torch, an engraved pen, a key fob, and a USB flash drive.

This box is designed for property developers, construction companies, estate/letting agents, events and hospitality companies, providing a functional and stylish way to store important information.

The second box features a UV varnish logo on the front and a magnetic clip, with business cards, a branded notepad, a torch, a pen, a key, and a key fob. This box is designed for a wide range of businesses and is sure to make a lasting impression on potential customers.

The third variation is a single colour printed box on the outside, with variable items that can be customized to meet specific business needs. This box may be used for onboarding staff, as a conference presentation pack, or at awards dinners, providing a versatile and sophisticated way to showcase a company’s brand and image.

Moo Design’s new entity and three different types of boxes are a true reflection of the company’s commitment to quality, attention to detail, and innovative solutions.

The boxes are sure to make a lasting impression on potential customers and provide a luxurious and sophisticated experience that showcases the company’s commitment to excellence.


The prices shown below includes a design and project management fee and are indicative of this particular project at the time it was implemented. Please make an enquiry if you would like something similar. Pricing and availability subject to change.

Moo Developments Key Presentation Box with Full Colour Inset Logo Decal OR Spot Colour/Spot Varnish Printed Logo.

Contains: Two Business Card Slots, Branded Perfect Bound Pad With Wraparound Cover. Engraved: Stainless Steel Ballpen, LED Torch and Leather Keyfob With Full Colour Medallion

10 off at £93.20 each
20 off at £72.10 each
30 off at £62.40 each
50 off at £48.30 each
100+ off at £42.50 each

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