O’Flanagan Homes’ Innovative Key Presentation Box:

A Unique Way to Welcome New Property Owners


O’Flanagan Homes, a boutique property developer based in Coventry, is taking a unique approach to welcoming their new property owners.

They have introduced a bespoke key presentation box that offers a distinctive way to hand over the keys.

The box itself is made of paper over board and has a magnetic opening, adding a sense of intrigue and luxury to the handover experience.

Inside the box, new homeowners will find a range of carefully selected branded items, including a metal torch, a small notebook pad, a decal leather fob, a branded metal pen, and, of course, the door key.

These items are not just practical, but also reflect the attention to detail and quality that O’Flanagan Homes is known for.

The key presentation box is more than just a unique and stylish way to hand over the keys; it also serves as a lasting reminder of the excitement and joy that comes with buying a new home. This innovative approach to the key handover process showcases O’Flanagan Homes’ commitment to their customers and their desire to make the homebuying experience as special and memorable as possible.

In conclusion, O’Flanagan Homes’ key presentation box is a beautiful and functional work of art, reflecting the company’s vision of creating beautiful and unique homes.

It is a fitting way to welcome new property owners and a testament to the company’s commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience.


The prices shown below includes a design and project management fee and are indicative of this particular project at the time it was implemented. Please make an enquiry if you would like something similar. Pricing and availability subject to change.

20 off O’Flanagan Homes Key Presentation Box with Full Colour Inset Logo Decal. Contains: Two Business Card Slots, Branded Perfect Bound Pad With Wraparound Cover. Engraved: Stainless Steel Ballpen, LED Torch and Leather Keyfob With Full Colour Medallion at £72.10 per box

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