Top 5 Tips for Crafting the Ultimate Employee Welcome Pack

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We all know first impressions count, especially during a new employee’s first few days.It’s important they feel valued and part of the team from day one. To help you achieve this, we’ve gathered our top five tips for crafting an unforgettable employee welcome pack.

Include The Essentials

There’s nothing worse than starting your new job, being shown to your new desk, but not having the correct equipment. Ensure that your employee welcome pack contains all the practical items a new employee might need to do their job.

This could include office supplies like post-it notes, pens, a notepad or your company handbook. If a lot of your content is digital, you could include a business card that signposts your new team member to where they can find key documents.

You could also consider technology essentials like a laptop, access cards, a lanyard or other items specific to their new role.

Incorporate Branded Merchandise

Nothing helps a new employee feel like part of the team more than branded merchandise. Include quality branded items like a branded water bottle, t-shirt, or backpack. These items should be useful and of quality, to reflect your company’s values and commitment to employee satisfaction.

Include Important Information

You could include a welcome guide or booklet that:

  • Outlines or signposts to important company policies
  • Provides a list of key contacts (e.g. IT Helpdesk, HR, Facilities)
  • Includes an FAQ list about day-to-day basics (how to make a cup of tea, how to book meeting rooms, where everyone goes for lunch etc.).

The aim of this guide is to help your new hire feel part of the team, informed and prepared, whilst reducing their first-day nerves.

Make It Personal

Personal touches can make a huge difference. Whether this is a welcome letter from the CEO or team leader, notes from team mates, or something specific about their work area. Showcase your attention to detail by tailoring the contents of the welcome pack to suit the employees specific role.

Include Training & Development Resources

Every new employee wants to know how they can grow in your company with your support. Show your dedication to the development and career advancement of new employees by providing them with essential information on training programs, access to online learning platforms, and details about upcoming workshops or seminars.

Bonus Tip – Add a Little Fun

Make sure you also include something light-hearted. What about a fun quiz about the company, a voucher for the local sandwich shop for their first day’s lunch, or a Dilbert cartoon about the first day at work?

Dilbert cartoon introducing Erik the new hire.


These small additions can make your employee welcome pack enjoyable and memorable. By carefully curating these welcome packs, you not only set your new hires up for success but also begin building strong, positive relationships from the start.

And don’t forget, if you’d like help with creating the perfect employee welcome pack, then our team at Moo Design specialise in creating personalised welcome experiences for your new team members.