The first month of Spring. It’s that time of year when we are all looking to Spring forward and leave the pangs of winter behind us. Time to reassess your brand and possibly measure it against the competitors in your sector. Ask yourself some questions – is it looking and feeling tardy? Does it need a decent wash and brush up – a Spring clean in other words?

This month we look at the process and hard work that created the sparkle and ‘gleaming new look’ for the Alpha Supplies Product Catalogue, part of the Bunzl Group, which set it apart from the rest, back in the mid 90’s.

Revitalising your brand, or an element of your brand, (for instance a marketing brochure) is time consuming. You must be committed to your goal. You have to assess what your range of products are, group them into sections, photograph them, write descriptive and enticing copy about each individual product, price them and then understand how best to take those elements to market. This will require some marketing in the form of a printed brochure, e-brochure or e-commerce website.

In this particular instance Alpha Supplies knew that they had over 1,700 products and grouped them into five definite sections – Washroom, Janitorial, Floor Care, Catering and Personal Protection.

Their statement at the front of the brochure was decisive and assertive – “We believe this product offering (catalogue) is the most comprehensive and competitive range of ‘Away from Home’ cleaning, hygiene and associated products available in today’s market place”. They went on to say, “We are dedicated to providing the best product and service package available, our constant aim is to set the standards which all others will attempt to follow!”

The catalogue had a full index, colour coded sections with easy to follow headings and clear photographs that helped customers easily find the products they were looking for. This was supported by a comprehensive support network with a range of 25 strategically located branches throughout the UK, ensuring that all customers received a personal service from a company with national presence.

Orders were phoned, faxed or posted through to a dedicated national telemarketing team who were there to discuss requirements and arrange delivery frequency. Their fleet of over 75 delivery vehicles then delivered the products to exacting requirements – first time, every time.

The key to the success of this particular piece of design work was:
• The initial vitality of design ideas
• Clearly defined targets and timeline
• A clean, simple design framework
• A grid in which to place the photos, copy, prices and corporate logos.
• A comprehensive checking process and procedure to sign off the artwork.
• Being on time and ready ‘on press – in the time slot’
• Ready for the web printer to print and finish
Outcome: 100,000 colourful 68 page brochures, collated, stitched, trimmed, packed ready for distribution

Twenty years on, the process is no different. There is one exception and that is you now have the choice of connecting your source data to one place (photos, copy and prices) by automating the design production of pages, whilst keeping the hand crafted feel. The low cost of ownership of such software will substantially improving your ‘return on investment’ and in so doing increase your profit.

If you are a CEO or business owner and would like to know more about taking your product range to market, in a traditional way or in the more sophisticated, modern slant, then please feel comfortable in contacting us for a chat on the form below.