As 2016 starts we see four definitive routes that you as a business owner or CEO might like to consider:

1 – Your company’s brand may be slowly and incrementally losing ground to those ‘bright young things’ – the real players, yes your competition in your sector.

2 – Your clients are beginning to look elsewhere, as although you do most things well, your ‘look’ is not in line with the route they are on – moving forward towards the future.

3 – You’ve unwittingly, unknowingly been overlooked by that large suitor who was looking to snap you up in order to capitalise on gaining knowledge and first-hand experience of the niche activities and product producing ability of your business.

4 – You’ve had a pleasant Christmas and New Year and you’re nicely positioned to tick along in 2016 and do what you’ve always done, reap the benefits and rewards. You certainly aren’t looking to rock the boat and attempt to hit those sales figures out of the park.

Put another way. It’s that time of the year when you walk outside first thing in the morning, its freezing, your car’s covered in frost. You rattle around in the glove compartment for the ice scraper, it’s not there. You reach for your wallet, get out an old store card and start to scrape the windows. Whilst doing that you think it would be a good idea to de-mist the windows and warm the inside of the car up… You turn the key and the battery’s dead, as dead as a dodo! The life’s been sucked out of it and now the whole mass has ground to a halt.

God forbid that’s your brand – your company’s look and functioning activity in the marketplace.

Would it make any sense to prevent this from happening? Would it be worth considering inviting us in to have a one-hour conversation just to ask each other some questions about each other’s businesses and at the end of that see whether there’s a fit between us? Typically, in six out of ten meetings there isn’t a fit and that’s OK – we can both move on as we wish.

However, 40% of the time there is a fit and there is an energy, an urgency and an emotional reason for you and us to work together to get your vehicle (your brand, your company) moving off the drive into areas where the whole ‘driving experience’ is more pleasurable.

Moving towards – better quality leads, more satisfied customers, a reinvigorated workforce, extra communication routes to your market, a sense of pride in what you do and the possibility of exceeding expectations. Would you like to move on?

If this make any sense to you, it may not let’s be honest, then contact us and let’s start the process of getting you and your company back into gear and make it a Super16!